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Walking through Art Nouveau in

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  Works of:  Eusebi Bona i Puig   Isidre Bosch i Bataller   Gaietà Buigues i Monravà   Josep Deulofeu i Floriach   R. Vinyals i Guitart and J. Vinyals i Solà   Unknown architects
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  Art Nouveau in Caldes de Malavella
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PLAN OF CALDES DE MALAVELLA (Blue numbered circles are the location of the next buildings - click on it or in the next list to see the buildings and to know its history and descriptions):

Architect Eusebi Bona i Puig:
  1   Prats Spa

Architect Isidre Bosch i Bataller:
2   El Casal

Architect Gaietà Buigues i Monravà:  
  3   Vichy Catalan Spa

Buildings master Josep Deulofeu i Floriach:
  4   Perxachs House (attributed)
  5   Quintana House

Buildings master Ramon Vinyals i Guitart:
  6  Villa Rosario (ground floor)

Buildings master Joan Vinyals i Solà: 
  6  Villa Rosario (first floor)

Unknown architects:
  7  Doctor Furest, 16 Avenue House 
  8  Bell Estar House
  9  Pla i Deniel, 15 Street House
10  Pla i Deniel, 16 Street House
11  Estapé or Rosa House
12  Manegat House
13  Mas i Ros House
14  Matheu House
15  Motlló House

16  Pla i Deniel House
(Annexes and bower)
17  Punxes House
18  Torre del Cavalls (Horses Villa)

Plan published under the authorization of Caldes de Malavella Municipality



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http://www.   Municipal web of Caldes de Malavella  

Specific Bibliography on Art Nouveau in Caldes de Malavella

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Caldes de Malavella is a small town with natural thermal water resources, situated in the region of La Selva, 90 Km. from Barcelona, 18 Km. from Girona and 17 Km. from the Costa Brava, with 5.600 inhabitants. The town has some important archaeological remains of the Roman period related to the thermal activities, already very active in that period.
There is about twenty Art Nouveau buildings that are grouped mainly in the Rambla Recolons, being other disseminated by the municipality, especially in areas related to the urban development movement generated at the end of the 19th century around the spa activities, that continues being one of the basic activities of the municipality. One of the most common characteristics of these, in general small buildings, is that they were built to rent them furnished to the holidaymakers and families that went to the town to "to take the water".

  Communications: From Barcelona (90 Km.) and Girona (18 Km.) by Highway (AP-7 exit 8 -Viloví-Cassà), Road (N-II from Barcelona and Girona, etc. and Eix transversal from Manresa, Vic, Lleida, etc.) Train (Caldes de Malavella station) and Plane (Aeropuerto Girona-Costa Brava Airport at 9 Km.).

  Tourist office:   C/ Onze de Setembre, s/n
                                    17455 Caldes de Malavella (La Selva)
                                     Tel : +34 972 48 01 03
                                     Fax: +34 972 48 00 94


  General information Webs:  Web of Caldes de Malavella Town hall    



  Country and tourist visits   (See Tourist office)  

  Road N II Km. 701
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Apartado Correos 60 - Tel. +34 972 472577 - Fax. +34 972 470493 - email:

  PITCH & PUTT (Golf Franciac):
  Road N II (at 2 Km. of highway exit)
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Tel. +34 972 471028 - Fax. +34 972 842828

  Welcome to Restaurants and Bars in Caldes de Malavella

  Plaça Sant Esteve, 7
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Tel. +34 972 47 00 51 - Fax. +34 972 47 22 33

  Avinguda Doctor Furest, 32
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Tel. +34 972 470 000 - Fax. +34 972 472 299


  C/ Francesc Macià, 2
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Tel. +34 972 47 00 55 - Fax. +34 972 47 01 01
  Opening time: 8'30 to 12h - Mondays closed in winter.
  Holydays closure: 1 to 15 November and January first week.

C/ Major, 14
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Tel. +34 972 47 00 46 - Fax: +34 972 471319
  Opening time: 8 to 24h - Opened all the year

Avinguda Sant Maurici, 8
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Tel. +93 972 47 00 44
  Opening time: 9'30 to 22,30h.

  CAN TARRIDES - Rural tourism
Veïnat de Baix, núm.42
  17455 Caldes de Malavella
  Tel. +34 972 470 173


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