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 On Meifrèn:  Biography   Basic works
 Additional information:  Other Catalan Art Nouveau Painters 

Meifrèn: Portrait

Born in Barcelona in 1857.
He studied at the Llotja (School of Fine Arts) in Barcelona, as a pupil of Antoni Caba.
Meifren discovered Impressionism during his first visit to Paris, and thereafter the style influenced all of his work until he turned to Expressionism.
Exhibiting his work throughought Europe and the Americas, he greatly enhanced his reputation, and widened his knowledge of his art, with the success of his paintings in major arts centres, winning many prizes and awards in the process.
Meifren also had a close relationship with
Santiago Rusiñol and the Modernists (Art Nouveau artists), and was a member of the Els Quatre Gats group of artists, who met in a bar of the same name in Barcelona.
A landscape painter, specially in Catalonia, Mallorca and the Canary Islands, he also produced portraits.
He travelled extensively in various countries in South America, including Paraguay (1915-1917), and also in the U.S.A., where he painted landscapes of New York and New Jersey. In Europe, he visited Italy, France and Belgium, where he also painted local landscapes (1910).
Throughout his career he exhibited his work in Madrid, 1881; Barcelona's Sala Parés, from 1890; Chicago, 1893; Paris, 1899; Brussels, 1910; Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, 1910; Amsterdam, 1912; and San Francisco in 1915.
After this dynamic period of activity, he returned to Barcelona in 1917 where, towards the end of his life, his work evolved into Expressionism.
His paintings are exhibited in some of the best museums and private collections around the world.
Eliseu Meifren died in Barcelona in 1940.



Aiguamolls (Marshes)
Barcelona harbour (1885)
The ducks
Landscape with river
The Marne 


 Correction of English text by Gary Nisbet

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