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• On Sitges cemetery:  Basic information   History and description   Images 
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 Llimona: Sitges cemetery Pantheon Robert Camps
J. Llimona: Pantheon R. Camps 1903

Basic information:

Location:   Plaça del Doctor Robert, s/n.     Sitges  (El Garraf).
  xxxx(2 on 5)
Present condition: 
Both the cemetery and pantheons are in Good condition
Visits:  from 1 April to 1 November, Monday to Saturday from 9 to 13h. and 15 to 18h., Sunday from 9 to 13h. From 2 November to 31 March, Monday to Saturday from 8 to 13h. and 15 to 17h., Sunday from 8 to 13h.  

History and description:

The town of Sitges is a traditional summer residential area. People leaving during summer in his sitgetan residences, frequently decided to built a familiar pantheon in the cemetery as a memorial of themselves and his families.
 A big variety of themes and shapes are represented in the works of various Modernist (Art Nouveau) sculptors contracted to build that sepulchers, like Josep Llimona i Bruguera (pantheon Robert Camps), Josep Reynés (pantheons Antoni Serra Ferrer and Manuel Robert Aldofeu), and Manel Fuxà (pantheons E. Carreras Robert and A. Carreras Robert).

The most interesting sepulchers sculptures showing an extreme sensibility, are a demonstration of the high level of the Catalan Art Nouveau style sculpture, and where basically built between 1900 and 1910. 

Llimona: Sitges cemetery Pantheon Robert Camps Reynés: Sitges cemetery Pantheon A Serra Ferrer Reynés: Sitges cemetery Pantheon A. Serra F. Reynés: Sitges cemetery Pantheon Manuel Robert Aldofeu
Pantheon R. Camps 1903
J. Reynés: Pantheon Antoni Serra Ferrer
Sculpture and General view 1902


J. Reynés: Pantheon
M. Robert Aldufeu 1902
Fuxà: Sitges cemetery Pantheon Carreras 1907      
Fuxà: Pantheon Carreras 1907      

Other pantheons:

Sitges cemetery Pantheon


Sitges Cemetery Pantheon


Sitges cemetery Pantheon


Sitges cemetery Pantheon Sitges cemetery Pantheon Sitges cemetery Pantheon

Specific Bibliography on Sitges Cemetery

Title of book Author Published by Year
Arquitectura de Sitges 1800-1930 Coll i Mirabent, Isabel El Centaure Groc 2001
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