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Sitges: Maricel Sant Miquel gate

Sitges: Maricel Bridge through buildings

Practical data:

Location:  Carrer Fonollar, 2-6  Sitges  (El Garraf)
Qualification:  xxxx(3 on 5)
Present condition:  Outside / Inside:
The Maricel Museum is open to visit, visits to the land side building are allowed by appointment (see: Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges).

History and description:

That complex of buildings is located in the same place where it was the old medieval Sitges hospital. Some of the elements of that old construction as certain gothic arches still being part of the new construction.
In 1912 the millionaire Charles Deering starts with the help of Miquel Utrillo i Morlius (engineer) the construction of Maricel Palace in order to assure the conservation of his art collections. Deering bought the houses in both sides of the street and arranged the buildings sea side as  his residence. That building has a tower with embattlements named Torre de Sant Miquel (Saint Michael tower), and a bridge over the street communicating both sides of palace.
The main gate of Maricel de Terra (Land section of palace) has an impressive staircase leading into the Gold Room (the main room) and through that to the Blue Room. Above that rooms are the cloister with a fantastic view on the sea.
The decorative elements of fašades are in part taken from other places and in part commissioned by Deering to artists and manufacturers of Sitges or Barcelona, as Pere Jou an sculptor who make the capitals of windows.
The sea side of Maricel is today a Museum  housing the art collection of Charles Deering. The land side buildings are used as an events center.
Perhaps Maricel is closer of Noucentisme that of Modernisme (Art Nouveau), but the ideas inspiring it are the same sustained by Art Nouveau artists as Rusi˝ol, Casas, Utrillo and others being part of Sitges group.



Sitges Maricel Racˇ de la Calma square Sitges Maricel Main gate Sitges Maricel Door Sitges Maricel Saint Michael
Racˇ de la Calma


Main gateway




Saint Michael


Sitges: Maricel a Pere Jou window Sitges: Maricel Coat of arms Sitges: Maricel a Pere Jou window
A Pere Jou window Coat of arms Another P. Jou window

Sitges: Maricel Museum Mirador Sitges: Maricel Museum Gothic hall Sitges: Maricel Museum Modernists hall
The gallery* Gothic Hall* Modernist painters hall

The photography's signaled with a * are granted by the Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges