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Bosch i Bataller: CelrÓ Brillas i Pagan Factory

Bosch i Bataller: CelrÓ Brillas i Pagan Factory Municipality

Bosch i Bataller: CelrÓ Brillas i Pagan Factory

Practical data:

Location:       CelrÓ  (GironŔs)
Qualification:  xxxx(1 on 5)  an example of industrial Art Nouveau.
Present condition: The restored part is in
Good condition.
Visits: The buildings are only interesting outside, the interiors are totally modified

History and description:

The company "Brillas, Pagans & Cia." was founded in 1902 by Mr. Pere Pagans born in CelrÓ and Mr. Brillas from Esplugues (near Barcelona).
The first factory started in 1902 was strongly developed, and in 1915 a global project for the factory was commissioned to the architect Isidre Bosch i Bataller.
The project style was designed following Art Nouveau (Modernisme) and structured around a concept based in various buildings but maintaining a unique aspect.
The initial project of Isidre Bosch was successively modified and was not finish until ten years later because the building works can't never stop the production activities.
At a present time and after the company bankruptcy in 1971, the buildings had been transformed in spaces for village leisure, swimming pools, sports areas, spaces for pensioned people and CelrÓ inhabitants, and including also the Town Council offices.
A substantial part of buildings had been restored and look now as in it's best times being an excellent example of Industrial Art Nouveau buildings.
It is possible to visit the factory in and outside, the fact the interior was strongly changed does not affect the very interesting external architectural aspect.

  Bosch i Bataller: CelrÓ Brillas i Pagan Factory Fašade drawing  
  1915: Original fašade plan
Plan by courtesy of CelrÓ Town Council


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Specific Bibliography on Brillas & Pagans Factory in CelrÓ

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