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• On Can Negre:  Basic information   History and description   Images   Original drawings of Jujol  
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Jujol: Can Negre Façade
Basic information:
Location:  Plaça de Catalunya   Sant Joan Despí (Baix Llobregat)
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Present Condition:  Both Inside and Outside:
Visits At present the house is a property of  Sant Joan Despí municipality and is devoted to cultural purposes. 
Opening time from 17,30 to 20 h. Tuesday to Saturday and 12 to 14 h. Sunday and holidays. Price 1,20 Euros.
Interested in Guided visits in English, Catalan or Castilian languages, call to the phone (34) 93 373 73 63. Prices: 50 Euros in total for groups between 10 and 15 persons and 55 Euros in total for groups between 16 and 20 persons.

History and description:
Designed by Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert and built between 1915 and 1930.
Can Negre is located in a town - Sant Joan Despí - close to Barcelona. 
The commission of the refurbishment works of that old "masia" - the traditional rural Catalan house - was made to Jujol by his owner, the lawyer and important land owner Pere Negre i Jover, who was the aim to dignify it - see the drawing at the end of the page on previous house aspect -. Jujol applied his enormous imagination to develop a special design for the façade and interiors remembering the baroque style.
In addition of the undulated culmination and the general façade design, the most peculiar element is the central gallery resembling a coach.   
The interior show a very interesting octagonal stair culminated by a plafond decorated with designs in blue and white. Other interesting rooms are the chapel with an impressive decoration in blue, white, red and gold colors and forged iron, and the dining room. 



Façade details:

Jujol: Can Negre Window Jujol: Can Negre Façade detail Jujol: Can Negre Gallery

Decorative elements around the building

Jujol: Can Negre Bench

Ceramic seats

Jujol: Can Negre Pergola Jujol: Can Negre Pergola Jujol: Can Negre Pergola
The pergola    


House interior details:

Jujol: Can Negre Stairs ceiling Jujol: Can Negre Walls decoration Jujol: Can Negre Inside the gallery Jujol: Can Negre Wall paintings
Plafond on stairs ceiling *
Wall paintings *
Inside the gallery *
Wall paintings *
Jujol: Can Negre Decorated door Jujol: Can Negre Loft    
Decorated door * Loft *    

The chapel:  

Jujol Can Negre Chapel -altar-
Jujol Can Negre Chapel -ceiling-
Jujol Can Negre Chapel -decoration-
Jujol Can Negre Detail
Jujol Can Negre Chapel angels
Jujol Can Negre Oratori medallons
Jujol Can Negre Chapel decoration
Jujol Can Negre Chapel ceiling detail
Jujol Can Negre Chapel Jujol signature

Original drawings of Jujol: 

Jujol Can Negre Initial building drawing Jujol Can Negre Project drawing
The house before Jujol works *


Project drawing of Jujol *


The images signaled with a * are published under the authorization of Sant Joan Despí Municipality 


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Specific Bibliography on Casa Negre

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