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Jujol: TORRE DE LA CREU (Casa dels Ous)

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Basic information   History and description   Images   Original drawings of Jujol   Other works of Jujol
Jujol: Torre de la Creu Main façade
Basic information:
Location:  Plaça de l'Estació   Sant Joan Despí (Baix Llobregat)
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Present Condition:  Both Inside and Outside:
Visits At present the house is a property of  Sant Joan Despí municipality that will devote it to social purposes. 

History and description:

Designed by Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert and built between 1913 and 1916.
Torre de la Creu is located in a small town near Barcelona. 
In opinion of Denis L. Dollens it is no possible to find in Europe another building more spatially and stylistically experimental than Torre de la Creu. 
Because the domes resemble a cluster of eggs, the house received also from locals the name of "Casa del ous" (ous is the Catalan word for eggs).
Under the parabolic domes of Torre de la Creu, Jujol designed two houses with some characteristic elements as the elegant stairway - both simple and magnificent instead of the small space -, the gallery, the tower and other elements lately applied under various shapes in other projects of Jujol. 
An enclosure in forged iron with curved doors is an example how to close the building but allowing a complete view of the front side of it. See photos left and below.




Jujol Torre de la Creu Aerial view


Jujol Torre de la Creu Domes and miradors


General views 
Jujol Torre de la Creu Dome with mirador
Jujol Torre de la Creu Dome





Jujol: Torre de la Creu Lock on enclosure Jujol: Torre de la Creu Enclosure


Lock and enclosure  

Jujol Torre de la Creu Stairs
Jujol Torre de la Creu Stairs



Original drawings of Jujol:
Jujol Torre de la Creu Ground floor plan Jujol Torre de la Creu First floor plan    
Ground floor plan * First floor plan *    


The images signaled with a * are published under the authorization of Sant Joan Despí Municipality 


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