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Basic information   History and description   Images   Other works of Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia
Sagnier i Villavecchia: Casa Arnús - El Pinar -

Sagnier i Villavecchia: Casa Arnús - El Pinar -

Basic information:
Location:   Carrer Manuel Arnús, 1-31 -  Plaça Funicular s/n.    Barcelona
Qualification:  xxxx(3 on 5)
Present condition: Outside: Good / Inside: partially adapted to present needs.
Visits:  Private owned house, visits not allowed.
Ruta del Modernisme

History and description:
Designed by Enric Sagnier i Villavechia and built in 1903
The house El Pinar also known as Casa Arnús is a very impressive palace located in the "high" part of Barcelona emerging of a pine forest, into Collserola mountain, just upper of  the square where is the lower station of Tibidabo mountain funicular.
The building is a family house into a magnificent garden. The plan is based in a central area cross shaped with a roof covered by colored ceramic pieces. In the west façade, two towers, one of four sides and another of eight sides. 
The façade is made in stone and decorated stucco.
The main gateway has a stone house for warden's.
The design of interior was made by Joan Busquets using for decoration vegetal shapes in walls and roofs.
The building show a fancy aspect in the nights when it is illuminated (normally Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays). This is a recommended spectacle to see from the surroundings of Avinguda Tibidabo in the high part of city.

Sagnier i Villavecchia: Casa Arnús - El Pinar - Sagnier i Villavecchia: Casa Arnús - El Pinar - Garden gate Sagnier i Villavecchia: Casa Arnús - El Pinar - Warden house
View from Funicular Tibidabo square Gate to gardens Warden house
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