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Cèsar Martinell: Sindicat Agrícola de Pinell de Brai
Basic information:
Location:   C / Pilonet, 10   Pinell de Brai  (Terra Alta - Tarragona)
  xxxx(2 on 5)
Present condition: Outside and Inside
Visits: allowed Monday to Sunday from 11 to 13 and 16 to 19 h.
Information: Phone (34) 977 42 63 34

History and description:
Designed by Cèsar Martorell i Brunet and built in 1919.
This cellar is one of the most impressive Wine Cathedrals built by Cèsar Martinell.
Martorell designed not only the building itself, but also the spaces to develop the production process, the machinery distribution, the fermentation processes, the design of liquid containers, the isolation systems. 
The design of building take the inspiration from the traditional construction techniques of Catalonia: Martorell
used profusely the Catalan "totxo" (brick) around the windows and columns and ceramics for decoration.
The ceramic designs, made by Xavier Nogués, represent scenes of traditional treatment of grapes and wine production.


Cèsar Martinell: Sindicat Agrícola de Pinell de Brai Cèsar Martinell: Sindicat Agrícola de Pinell de Brai Interior Cèsar Martinell: Sindicat Agrícola de Pinell de Brai Columns
Façade: Left side Interior: a view on internal façade and columns Columns in brick


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