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Matarˇ: Can Bartra
Basic information:
Location: Avinguda Puig i Cadafalch, 4 - Urbanitzaciˇ Sant Salvador - Matarˇ (El Maresme)
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Present condition: Outside:
Acceptable / Inside: interesting house with styles following the different building periods.
Visits:  Private owned house, visits are not allowed.

History and description:
Built by an unknown architect around 1900 - 1905. 
The house was built in Art Nouveau style.
The main fašade is painted in rose color with pillars and window cases in brick.
The curious design of doors and windows is completed with a geometric ceramic decoration.
A sun clock with Arabic numbers - instead of the most usual roman ones - also decorated with ceramic is over the central terrace.
The top of the main fašade following a design in "coup de fouet" is covered with ceramic pieces.
Some additions on the back side of the house had been made in a different style of the original project. 
Perhaps the most peculiar and interesting part of this house is the chapel who was built on the left of building main fašade, following a neo gothic Art Nouveau style. The consecration was made in 1907 during the pontificate of the pope Pius the X.
The interior of this chapel is profusely decorated on walls and roof following the typical Art Nouveau "horror vacui".
We tank the Bartra family for his authorization to publish this page.


The house:

Matarˇ: Can Bartra Main fašade Matarˇ: Can Bartra Top detail Matarˇ: Can Bartra Main gate
View on main fašade Art Nouveau ceramics on top Main gate

The chapel:


Matarˇ: Can_Bartra_Chapel Matarˇ: Can_Bartra_Chapel pinnacle Matarˇ: Can Bartra Chapel top Matarˇ: Can Bartra Chapel Ceramic
Chapel fašade Detail of a pinnacle Top of chapel fašade Ceramic adorn on chapel gate


Matarˇ: Can Bartra Chapel interior Matarˇ: Can Bartra Chapel ceiling Matarˇ: Can_Bartra_Chapel interior Window
Inside of the chapel


The roof


Stained glass window


Matarˇ: Can Bartra Chapel Wall decoration Matarˇ: Can Bartra Chapel Wall decoration  
Two aspects of wall decoration