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Gaudí: Güell Cellar in Sitges

Gaudí: Güell Cellar in Sitges

Gaudí: Güell Cellar in Sitges Iron door

Basic information:
Location:  Carretera 246 de Calafell a Barcelona, Km 24,5  Sitges  (El Garraf)
Qualification:  xxxx(4 on 5)
Present Condition:  Good 
VisitsThe cellar is today a part of a restaurant and consequently it is possible to visit both exterior and interior of building.
Information: Phone +34 93 632 00 19

History and description
This building was projected together by Antoni Gaudí i Cornet (who signed the project) and Francesc Berenguer i Mestres his disciple, in 1895. 
The owner of land, the count Eusebi Güell commissioned Gaudí initially a hunting lodge which never was built.
Later Eusebi Güell decided to build that cellar and it's annexes and Gaudí and Berenguer  had the opportunity to develop that exceptional project where the fancy imaginative genius of both architects is evident.
The building is an example of Art Nouveau Catalan architecture showing uncommon shapes made with traditional materials as stone and brick.
In a construction remembering the medieval style, the arches are parabolic instead of the typical semicircular Romanesque ones. 
The ward house, being a part of main gateway, has a beautiful iron gate formed by interlaced chains.
Instead of the unity of style, it is possible to appreciate the different parts projected by every architect. As an example, the chapel linked basically to Berenguer style has also gaudinist elements.
The building was ended the year 1901.


Gaudí: Güell Cellar in Sitges


Gaudí: Güell cellar in Sitges


Gaudí: Güell cellar in Sitges Door building Gaudí: Güell Cellar in Sitges

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