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    Gaudí's collaborators

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 GAUDÍ - The man - Biographic synthesis
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Characterístic styles:   Early period    Mudèjar-Moorish    Evolving Gothic    Expressionist Naturalism    Organic Synthesis
Technical aspects:   Gaudí's architectural technologie Geometrie and mechanics
Decorative aspects:   Ceramics    Furniture    Iron and other metals    Stained glasses
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Retrat de Gaudí cap a l'edat de 30 anys. Retrat de Josep Maria Jujol Rubió i Bellver: Retrat Cèsar Martinell: Retrat Josep Llimona i Bruguera - Escultor - Retrat Retart d'Alexandre de Riquer per Nicanor Vazquez
Gaudí Jujol Rubió Martinell Llimona Riquer

Gaudí's Collaborators

To bring his extensive architectural commitments to fruition, Gaudí wisely chose and assembled an exceptional team of collaborators, consisting of architects, sculptors, and painters, but also artisans (contractors, decorators, blacksmiths, welders, carpenters, glassmakers, ceramicists, calligraphers, etc.).  All of these individuals created titanic works in their respective fields and were closely supervised by Gaudí himself.  He obstinately demanded such a high level of perfection that workers frequently had to redo more than once work which Gaudí considered sub-standard.
Gaudí did not limit himself by having to rely on the experience and advice of others, but rather had a profound understanding of the facilities he needed for his work.  According to Joan Bassegoda, he cultivated the expertise of his uncle’s blacksmith workshop in Reus, craftsman Eudald Puntí in the Pedró neighborhood of Barcelona, and the workshop of modeler Llorenç Matamala, with whom he would later collaborate on the Sagrada Família.
Gaudí was extremely loyal to the artisans with whom he collaborated and allowed them to develop their own personal creative capacities.
Naturally, with the passage of time and the trials of history, much information has been lost, but we still know about many of these exceptional technicians and operator, some of whom are mentioned below:

Francesc Berenguer i Mestres (1866-1914)
Josep Canaleta i Cuadras
Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert (1879-1949)
Camil Oliveras Gensana
Joan Rubió i Bellver 
Domènec Sugrañes i Gras

César Martinell i Brunet
Josep Francesc Ràfols i Fontanals
Francesc Folguera i Grassi
Joan Bergós i Massó
Domènech Sugrañes i Gras
Francesc Quintana i Vidal

Joan Beltran
Jaume Busquets
Joan Flotats
Josep Llimona i Bruguera
Carles Mani i Roig
Joan Matamala i Flotats (1893-1977)
Llorenç Matamala i Pinyol (1856-1927)
Joan Martí i Matlleu
Rosend Nobas i Ballbé

Alexandre de Riquer i Ynglada
Ramon Tusquets i Maignon

Ricard Opisso i Sala


Builders:   Josep Bayo i Font
Policarpo Arias Rodriguez 
Agustí Massip
Claudi Alsina i Bonafont (1859-1934)
Josep Pardo i Casanovas
Carpenters: Joan Munné Seraní (1861-1938)
Eudald Puntí 
Plans i Casas
Julià Soley
Casas i Bardés
Planas i Queraltó
Joan Bertran
Tomàs Bernat
Ceramicists:  Pujol i Bausis
Sebastià Ribó

Joan Oñós
Josep Badia Miarnau
Lluís Badia Miarnau
Vallet i Piqué
Decorators: Gaspar Homar  
Antoni Oliva 
Francesc Vidal i Jevellí
Sadurní Vilalta i Amenós
Ironworkers Torres Ferreria i Construccions
Iron: Germans Badía   
Lluís Badía 
Salvador Gabarró
Vallet i Piqué  
Wrought Iron:  Manyach 
Painters and decorators: Aleix Clapés i Puig
Marble: Taller Ventura Germans
Glassworkers: Tallers Pelegrí
Plasterers Guixaires:  Joan Beltrán
Bricklayers Paletes: Agustí Massip
Other: Julià Bardié i Pardo
Vicenç Vilarrúbias i Valls

   Translation from the Catalan original text by Catherine P. Crowe