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Periodically this site will be renewed and improved with new pages on other works (authors, buildings, sculptures, paintings, crafts) and also the initial pages improved with new texts, pictures, links, bibliography, information, etc.

This page will gather a complete information on this novelties every time it will be done.


01/09/28:  - A new page on Walk into Art Nouveau in Mataró
                - A new page on Casa Coll i Regàs in Mataró
                - A new page on La Beneficiencia in Mataró
                - A new page on Minor Works of Art Nouveau in Mataró including:
                           El Rengle / Casa Parera / Casa Montells / Municipality
                - A new page on Casa Garí in Argentona
                - A new page on the architect Cèsar Martinell
                - A new page on "Sindicat agricola de Pinell de Brai" of the previous architect
                - Enlargement and reorganization of pages on Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner and Puig i Cadafalch

01/10/08:  - A new page on the architect Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia  
               - A new page on Casa Arnús of the previous architect
               - A new page on the architect Joan Rubió i Bellver 
               - A new page on Casa Roviralta - El Frare Blanc - of the previous architect
               - Two new images of Funerary sculptures of Llimona

01/10/22: - A new page on the painter Isidre Nonell 
               - Completion with big quantity of new information of page on Art Nouveau Catalan Architecture 

01/11/01: - Completion of the page Art Nouveau in Europe and Art Nouveau in Catalonia with a big quantity of new information. 

01/11/20: - New page on Factory Brilles & Pagans in Celrà -An example of industrial Art Nouveau architecture-.
               - New pages on Art Nouveau in Sitges -10 fantastic artworks (Maricel, Cau Ferrat, Celler Garraf, Monument to El Greco
                 and others)+ City information). A complete view on Art Nouveau in Sitges will be completed soon.
               - Initial page on sculpture modified and updated

01/12/04   - Addition in Art Nouveau Works in Sitges of 5 excellent Art Nouveau buildings ( Havemann, Casa Bartomeu
                 Carbonell i Mussons, Sitges Market, and Casa Simó Llauradó)

01/12/31   - Completion of page Art Nouveau painting in Catalonia with list of painters.

02/01/31   - A new page on Walk into Art Nouveau in Reus  with 12 interesting buildings and update of Casa Navàs page + city
                 information. Links from/to the architects (Domènech i Montaner and Rubió i Bellver).
               - Two new pages on Gaudí artworks, the Güell pavilions and Finca Miralles fence
               - New pages on buildings of Domènech i Montaner: Institut Pere Mata, Casa RullCasa Gasull.
               - New pages of Puig i Cadafalch buildings: Palau del Baró de Quadras, Casa Company
               - Addition in Art Nouveau Works in Sitges of 21 buildings and the Monument of Dr. Robert. Links from/to the architect
                 Sagnier i Villavecchia

02/03/15   - A new page on Introduction of Decorative Arts  
02/03/25   - Additions on pages of Cau Ferrat and Maricel
02/05/14   - New pages on the architects Josep M, Jujol and Manel J. Raspall with Life, List of works, Links and Bibliography.
02/05/25   - Various new pages on a work of Jujol: La Torre de la Creu
                - Various works of Raspall in La Garriga: L'Illa Raspall
02/06/03   - Now is the time of paintors: One page on Eliseu Meifrèn
                                                          one page on Joan Brull
02/06/07   - New page on Fàbrica Casaramona an industrial building of Puig i Cadafalch, now adapted as cultural building 
                 "Caixa Forum"
02/07/05   - New pages on Jujol works: Esglèsia (Church) del Sagrat Cor de Vistabella
                -New pages on Raspall works: Casa Llorens, Casa Serra i Pons and new explanations on the Illa Raspall houses in 
                 La Garriga. Also Can Millet de Baix in L'Ametlla del Vallès
                -A new page on the house Casa Pujades (Architect L. Planas i Calvet) in La Garriga.
                - A New house Cine-Cafè Alhambra (Architect J. Sala i Comas) in La Garriga.

02/07/17   - New page on Can Bartra in Mataró.

02/10/24   - New page on WINE CATHEDRALS from a new button on Home page. This page show 9 wine cathedrals:
                      Cooperativa Agricola de Rocafort de Queralt
                      Cooperativa Agricola de Vila-rodona
                      Sindicat Agrícola d'Aiguamúrcia
                      Sindicat Agrícola d'Alió
                      Sindicat Agrícola de Cabra del Camp
                      Sindicat Agrícola de Pira
                      Sindicat Agrícola de Sant Isidre de Nulles
                      Cooperativa Agricola de L'Espluga de Francolí
                      Sindicat de vinicultors i Caixa Rural Agrària de Montblanc
                 and a representative ensemble of that buildings will be presented progressively.
                - 45 new images on the interior of Palau Güell - Architect GAUDÍ -
                - New images of the interior and exterior of the Church of Sagrat Cor de Vistabella - Architect JUJOL - 
                - More Art Nouveau buildings in Mataró: Casa Boada, Casa Sisternes, Escorxador, Residencia de Sant Josep and the
                  interiors of Casa Coll i Regàs with 17 photographies.
                - A new page on the painter Josep Pinós i Comes with 34 magnificent paintings. 

02/11/01   - Nine new pictures on the page of Josep Pinós i Comes.
                - 55 impressive new images of back façade, terrace, interior, lofts anf roof of Casa Batlló - Architect GAUDÍ -

02/12/02   - A new page on a Gaudí work in Barcelona, the Col.legi Santa Teresa
                - New Technical Card, Links and enlarged Bibliography of Casa Batlló - Architect Gaudí -, and Casa Amatller -
                  Architect Puig i Cadafalch -.

02/12/30   - To close the Gaudí Year, we incorporate a new larger and comprehensive list of internal links to simplify the 
                 connection between pages.
                - New "Special Area" pages with interesting themes as:
Wine Cathedrals 
                       Disappeared Art Nouveau buildings
                       Funerary Art Nouveau 
                       Unrealized Art Nouveau projects 
Catalan Art Nouveau works in other countries
                  This themes are partially developed and will be completed in the future.
                - Two new areas: Art Nouveau Literature and Music in Catalonia, that will be also developed in the future.
                - New page on the Arenys de Mar cemetery with 7 pictures on interesting pantheons and sculptures.
                - New page on the Sitges cemetery with 12 pictures of various sculptures of Llimona, Reynés, Fuxà and others.
                - New page on El Capricho, 19 pictures of an incredible work of Gaudí in Comillas (Cantabria - Spain)
                - New page on the Comillas cemetery, with 7 pictures.

03/01/31    - New page on Raimon Casellas i Dou a Modernist (Art Nouveau) writer.
                 - New page on Enric Morera i Viura an Modernist (Art Nouveau) musician.

03/04/04     - New page on Caterina Albert i Paradís - Victor Català - An Art Nouveau writer.
                  - Seven pages on the poet Joan Maragall i Gorina, with texts of his poems in Catalan language.
                  - New page on the house of Jujol "Can Negre".  

03/04/10     - New page on the musician Felip Pedrell i Sabaté.

03/05/30     - 8 Additional images of "Jujol: Torre de la Creu" building.
                  - 17 Additional images of "Jujol: Can Negre" building.            

03/06/26     - New page on Sant Joan Despí Art Nouveau with plan and location of buildings.
                  - New page with 12 Art Nouveau buildings of Jujol, I. Mas i Morell and other unknown architects in SANT JOAN DESPÍ.

03/09/31     - New page on a delightful Gaudí building, the Episcopal palace of Astorga with practical explanations to visit it,  on it's
                    history, on the architectural aspects and people collaborating in that work with Gaudí, beautiful images in addition.
                  - New page on Prudenci Bertrana i Compte a crucial Art Nouveau Catalan writer.

03/10/31     - Substantial improvement of the page of the greatest Catalan Art Nouveau sculptor Josep Llimona.
                    Two new pages on two sculptors precursors of Catalan Art Nouveau, the brothers Agapit and Venanci Vallmitjana
                    Two new pages on two contemporary sculptors of Catalan Art Nouveau, but no strictly Art Nouveau artists, Fuxà and
                    Reynés, both with important works in Barcelona. 

03/11/19     - Page on Gaudi's Casa Battló upgraded with the building history, description and List of Gaudí collaborators.

03/11/28     - Page on Gaudi's Palau Güell upgraded with the building history, description and List of Gaudí collaborators.

04/02/07     - New pages with a large information on the Art Nouveau in the city of Lleida, (13 buildings commented with its
                   locations signaled on the plan of the city and 16 photos).

04/03/04     - A new page on the Art Nouveau painter Joan Llimona i Bruguera with a large information and images on his life,
                   works and bibliography.

                  - Other pages had been improved or completed, as Reus with the addition of a plan of the city with links to some of its
                    Art Nouveau buildings.

                  - All the other pages had also been improved with a better organization of spaces, links, etc. to make easier the
                    navigation and the search of related elements. 

04/03/15      - New page on the Art Nouveau architect Salvador Valeri i Pupurull with a biography, a list of his buildings, a
                     bibliography and a magnificent set of 12 photographies of his main work, the Comalat House in Barcelona.

04/04/25      - New page on the Art Nouveau architect Antoni Maria Gallissà i Soqué with his biography, a list of his works,
                     links to other webs related with him, a bibliography and a set of 14 pictures on his main works, the Llopis house,
                     the ensemble of the Church and parish house and the Garcia Farm both in Cervelló.

04/05/29      - New page on the Gaudí building in León (Spain) "Botines House" with its history, description, pictures, links and
                     a large bibliography.

04/08/30      - New page on the musician Lluís Millet i Pagès, his life, a list of his works, links to other webs related with him
                    and a large bibliography.

04/12/10     - New page on Art Nouveau in  Caldes de Malavella, a large vision on the Art Nouveau buildings of that town.
                   18 buildings commented with its locations on the town plan and 28 magnificent photos. 
                    It is also a list by architects, links to other related webs, a bibliography and in addition, a synthetic information
                    on the town.

05/01/17    - A large and interesting new page on the Artigas Garden, a magnificent garden of Gaudí in La Pobla de Lillet, with
                  17 photos, its history, a description, links to related webs and a bibliography.

                - A page with one of most astonishing buildings of Gaudí, the Catllaràs Villa. A villa out of standards, located in a
                  wild natural space. With 3 photos, plans, its history, a description, links to related webs and a bibliography.

05/01/31   - A new page on the Sagrada Família Schools, with a large information on one of the most small in size,
                 but big by the originality of its architectural solutions Gaudí buildings.
                 The page contains 6 photos, the history, a description, links to other related webs and a bibliography.

05/02/04    - New page with a large Gaudí CHRONOLOGY with images.

05/03/24    - More pages with new texts and images on the temple of La Sagrada Família of Gaudí.

05/06/13    - Improvement of the Pere Mata Institute page - a work of the architect Domènech i Montaner in the city of Reus
                   with more texts and 33 new inside and outside images.
                   Eight new buildings on page Art Nouveau in Reus.

05/11/30    - See four new pages on Architectural ceramics and Mosaic with a large historical and technical description.
                   You also can know the life and works of a big artist - Lluís Brú - and the history and products of an important
                   factory manufacturer of Art Nouveau architectural ceramics - Pujol i Bausis - in Esplugues de Llobregat.

06/01/30    - The year 2.006 we celebrate the 150 anniversary of the birth date of ALEXANDRE DE RIQUER, to celebrate this
                   event we present a work including a large biography and a study of his graphic and poetic work. Seven pages
                   in total on: Biography, Posters, Decoration, Bookplates, Literature, Painting and other pursuits.

06/03/22    - New large page on the musician Isaac Albéniz i Pascual.

07/02/08    - New page on the musician Joan Lamote de Grignon i Bocquet

07/02/27    - To celebrate the 75 anniversary of his death we present an enlargement of the Santiago Rusiñol page, with a list
                   of his literary works, paintings and images. Images deleted on that page the 07/05/21.

07/05/15    - New page on the musician Enric Granados i Campiña

07/11/15    - New pages on Art Nouveau in Camprodon, a large view on the Art Nouveau buildings in that town.
                 10 buildings commented with it's locations on the plan and 16 photographs.
                 Also a list by architects, links to related websites, a bibliography, the history and other information on the town.

07/11/16   - A page with a large information on the Cemetery of Olius, an exquisite, simple and bucolic work.

10/05/06   - New extension of pages on Gaudí with:
Extended biography
                        A page on the
Influences on Gaudí
                        A page on
Gaudí's Political and Patriotic Sentiment
A page on
Gaudí's friends
                        A new page on Gaudí's collaborators
                        A page on the
Characterístic styles of Gaudí
                        A page on the
Technical aspects of the Gaudí works
                        New pages on the
Decorative aspects in the Gaudí works:
Ceramics    Furniture    Iron and other metals    Stained glasses

Keep attention on this page 
- new pages with interesting information to be presented progressively in the year 2010 -
to update your information on Art Nouveau in Catalonia